Fake Martial Arts Master: Jay Queiroz

Taken from https://fightfourhealth.com/rafiel-torre-vs-jay-queiroz-fakest-martial-artist/.

Jay Queiroz is a former bouncer at a strip club who claims he was a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He was only able to keep his fake martial arts identity for a couple of days because after Jay went viral on youtube for claiming to be a BJJ black belt. Mike Palladino, a real BJJ black belt confronted him in his first ever BJJ club opening and ended his facade right then and there. In case you are interested, here is a testimonial from one of Jay’s student right before the school was closed:

“I trained with Jay for a few months (about 3) it seemed a bit sketchy
from the start I’ll admit that. But things got even more sketchier when he suddenly gave me a blue belt. Obviously i did my research and there is no way i am already a blue belt in BJJ because to tell you the truth i am not that good in BJJ. From what i have read and asked blue belt is one of the hardest belt to gain in BJJ and there is no way i am fit to be a blue belt by just training for a few months. To add to the sketchiness, Jay suddenly come up one day with a black belt when he was wearing a purple belt a few weeks ago. This is the last straw that made me realize i was scammed and afterwards i quit immediately. Thank god his club is closed soon after, i can’t imagine if more people are attracted to his fake martial arts credentials. I do not have ill will but i really hope Jay learnt his lesson”