The Teletubbies Hill in Savana Bromo

The Teletubbies Hill in Savana Bromo . Mount Bromo at the beginning has two favourite tourist destinations, namely Sunrise Bromo and Bromo crater. But since opening the entrance through the city of Malang through the route of the overlap, the favourite destination of Bromo to be four attractions are Sunrise Bromo, Bromo crater, Lautan Pasir Bromo and Teletubbies Hill. This last destination instantly steals a traveller’s heart.

The expanse of green meadows and hills lined with beautiful grasses in the growing grass that envelops the hills is reminiscent of the film of English-based children who had a snail in the year 90, the Teletubbies. By the Karana the hill is in the name of Hill Teletubbies.

The appearance of Bukit Teletubbies in the Savanna field below makes this location an excotic impression that is often an important destination for photography lovers. Several times this location is the location of pre-wedding photos.

The Teletubbies Hill in Savana Bromo

Path to Savana Teletubbies Mount Bromo

Going to Bukit Teletubbies or Savana Bromo area can be reached through entrance of Mount Bromo tourism from Malang City, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang.
When calculating the distance between the entrance counter to the location of Savanna Teletubbies Meadow, then the shortest distance is through the entrance of the city of Malang (overlay).

From Malang City Navigate your vehicle to overlay, from the overlap Please take the direction to Gubug Klakah. Here you will find the rest area which is the limit of the use of private vehicles, you must use the Jeep to continue the journey to Savana Bukit Teletubbies.

By driving a Jeep, you will pass a narrow and winding road as well as an exciting climb, because along the way there is a view of the forest in the same with vegetable plantations. After about 15 minutes of travel you will find the entrance to the tourist site of Coban Pelangi will then enter the entrance to the ticket counter of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

At the location of this ticket purchase there is a toilet as well as in the rest area where the Jeep change. In addition there are a number of tables in the Jajar with equipment to warm the body while traveling, such as scarves, hats, gloves, there are also snacks and drinks.

From the counter, the trip is a little more about mount bromo tour, after reaching Ngadas village, you will soon reach Jemplang area which is the location of the road branch to Savana and Mount Semeru hiking trail. Take the path to the left, then after a 15-minute-20-minute ride you will reach the Savana Teletubbies area of Mount Bromo.

From Jemplang to Bromo

Things to do in Savana Teletubbies Bromo
Along with the improvement of the facilities and infrastructures in Savana Teletubbies Bromo, you are allowed to do various activities such as horse riding, photography, camping and game outbound with the group.

What are the facilities available in the Savana Teletubbies Bromo?

  1. Toilet, there are some bathrooms available at a rate of Rp. 3000,-
  2. Warung, providing both heavy and light food complete with drinks,
  3. Rental horses, which will take you around the Savanna Hill Teletubbies
  4. Wide parking location for Jeep and motorcycle

The Hill Teletubbies Bromo

Tips for visiting the Teletubbies Hill
There is no canopy or tall tree that can be for shelter from sunlight, therefore you should bring sunglasses, hats and sunblock. The camera should not be left to capture the move and the Romantics The Teletubbies Hill in Savana Bromo