Tips for Children to Go Back to School After a Long Vacation

Tips for Children to Go Back to School After a Long Vacation

School holidays are a fun time for children, especially after passing through solid learning activities. Not only free to play at the location of residence or travel to tourist attractions, children can also spend the day more relaxed because they do not have the burden of learning tasks.

Unfortunately when the long vacation is over, new problems present. Children become energetic and find it difficult to adjust to their daily routines like before. For all parents, here are tips that can be tried so that children return to school motivation.

Set Children’s Sleep Schedule

When stepping on school holidays, parents often do not care about children sleeping until late at night. That will make them able to get up late. Even though this custom actually has a negative effect when the school entrance schedule starts. Children will not be energetic because they have to leave comfort when on vacation.

Therefore, make it a habit for children to be disciplined by not infrequently sleeping late on time. Limit the use of gadgets because they are among the causes of children staying up late. Wake them up in the morning suitable for going to school. Give other jobs like cycling or gardening together so that they are more motivated to get up early. If it has become a routine habit, then after the holidays the child is motivated to return to school.

Reading book

About two or three weeks of school holidays sometimes make children forget the subject matter. Especially if you are too busy playing to the point of never listening to the textbooks. Therefore, it is very urgent to continue to develop an interest in listening to children so that they do not feel lazy when returning to study books later.

Take your child to a bookstore and buy magazines, comics or story books that are appropriate for their age. The books he can read on the sidelines of work playing during the holidays. Take the time to accompany him to listen or just ask questions about the book he has read. In addition to buying a new book, we can also invite him to listen or borrow the book to the library.

Buy New School Supplies

One of the things that creates children’s motivation to go back to school is having new school equipment. When the school holidays are almost over, invite the child to make purchases of school supplies. Usually not a few exclusive discounts offered by shopping centers.

Not only writing equipment and new textbooks, even check whether the child’s uniform is still appropriate to wear, for example it is too small or short. It is important to know that parents do not feel frustrated when children want to go to school. Considering there will be extra costs that we must spend, then prepare the funds from far in advance.