Follow Instagram Footprint, WhatsApp Will Present Boomerang Features

Follow Instagram Footprint, WhatsApp Will Present Boomerang Features

 WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature similar to Instagram Boomerang. This feature will reportedly allow users to create repetition videos.

Citing NDTV reports, this Boomerang feature is in the development stage and will only be available for WhatsApp users using the iPhone.

Previously, Instagram presented the Boomerang application so users could make a repetition video.

Boomerang was originally designed to compete with Twitter’s video sharing service, Vine. Vine offers 6-second repeat video segments.

According to WABetaInfo, the development of the Boomerang feature has been carried out by WhatsApp. Users of the Facebook messaging application are said to be getting these new features through the Video Type panel.

Video Type brings the ability to convert video files to GIF.

A source said, this Boomerang feature will be available for videos whose duration is less than 7 seconds.

Furthermore, the repetition of videos is made through a new development which later, can be shared with WhatsApp contacts via WhatsApp Status messages or uploads.

Android users later

The Boomerang feature is said to be available first on WhatsApp for iPhone. Meanwhile, Android users will get the Boomerang video feature at a later stage.

Boomerang video itself was first presented by Instagram through an application called Boomerang in October 2015.

Instagram then added the Boomerang video to its Stories feature at the end of 2016.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp presented a label on frequently shared messages or “Frequently Forwarded” for iPhone and Android users in India.

This label, originally released last year with the aim to let users know, the message has been shared more than five times.