7 unexpected benefits of ginger for health

7 unexpected benefits of ginger for health

Temulawak or curcuma xanthorrhiza is a medicinal plant belonging to the tribe found. This plant is native to Indonesia, especially Java. In Indonesia, ginger is widely used for herbal medicine.

Temulawak contains 48-59.64 percent starch, 1.6-2.2 percent curcumin and 1.48-1.63 percent essential oil and is believed to increase kidney function and anti-inflammation.

Temulawak can be planted in a simple way, sometimes it can even grow without our expectations. However, ginger is most often found in rural areas, especially in the middle and highlands.

In addition, temulawak also grows more often in areas that are shaded and protected from sunlight. Other ingredients found in ginger are protein, carbohydrates and essential oils consisting of mothballs, glycosides, turmeric and curcumin.

Besides being used as an herbal medicine, ginger is also often used as a source of carbohydrates when taking starch, then processed in porridge for people who have indigestion and babies.

For more information about ginger, these are some of the health benefits of ginger. https://bit.ly/2P8EavY

1. Overcome digestive system problems.

Consumption of ginger can stimulate the production of bile in the gallbladder, so that it can help digestion and metabolism of food in the body.

Temulawak can also overcome flatulence and increase appetite for children. Temulawak is also good for people who experience intestinal inflammation for a faster healing process.

In addition to being processed in medicinal herbs to drink, ginger is also often one of the additional herbal medicines for making drugs that increase appetite.

2. Overcome inflammation itself

Joint inflammation or osteoarthritis often causes the patient to experience joint pain. It is believed that eating ginger reduces joint pain. Even a health study revealed that ginger has the same properties as ibuprofen, which is often given to people with osteoarthritis.

3. Increase resistance

Instead of consuming supplement drinks made from chemicals, it is better to consume food or natural drinks, herbs or fruits to increase endurance. Temulawak is also believed to increase resistance.

Mix turmeric with ginger for consumption later, this mixture can make the body not get tired and excited. This might be due to the tonic content it contains.

4. Overcome colds

The next benefit of ginger that is often not realized is its ability to overcome colds. Colds are a condition where our body feels bad and may be accompanied by flatulence, headaches, cold or nausea. The cause can occur due to several factors.

Temulawak can warm the body and reduce nausea caused by colds.

5. Increase immunity

If you get sick easily, ginger can help you. Wild ginger turns out to increase immunity, so the body will be better protected from minor ailments that can strike at any time.

Make ginger mixture by smoothing the ginger and then drinking the juice. Add honey and warm water to drink every day.

6. Prevent cancer

Temulawak is also often known as Indonesian ginseng, which has many health benefits for the body. Another beneficial effect of turmeric is to prevent and avoid free radicals.

Wild ginger can help reduce the development of cancer cells in advanced patients. Because cancer can occur due to free radicals, ginger which prevents free radicals can prevent the formation of cancer in the body.

7. Clean facial skin

Besides being beneficial to the body, it turns out that ginger is also good for the skin, such as treating acne, softening the face, brightening the skin, tightening the skin, moisturizing the skin, preventing premature aging, rejuvenating the skin. skin, hide scars and antioxidants for the skin.

How to use ginger for the face is by drinking juice or making ginger masks. Add honey and lime juice for the best results. For masks, choose ginger powder to make it easier to use.

Treatment with natural ingredients is a long-term treatment where the results cannot be felt instantly, so you must be patient and be careful when using it.

Temulawak side effects

Although it is natural, the use of ginger should not be ignored because it can cause side effects. Some side effects caused by excessive consumption of ginger can stimulate bile, which can worsen the condition of patients with liver and gallbladder disorders.

This can happen because ginger has many substances that can stimulate bile production. Temulawak should also not be consumed in pregnant and nursing women because it can harm the fetus. https://bit.ly/2Kt32tn