For those of you who will complete their undergraduate studies immediately and dream of continuing their studies abroad but are worried about high costs, there is no need to worry. Because now there are many scholarships from the Indonesian government and from countries that give you scholarships.

But if you don’t know which country you want to go to, you must first know which country is popular with Indonesian students to study abroad. Why Not all countries are suitable for scholarship hunters because they have to take into account many factors. From educational institutions, living expenses, etc. Source : bit.ly/2jU3PL6

Which country is most interested in Indonesian students?

Australia is one of the favorite destinations for Indonesian students who want to study abroad. Even the country, dubbed the land of kangaroos, receives between 8,000 and 10,000 new students every year from Indonesia, you know! The location is close to Indonesia and the quality of education is good and without doubt. In addition, the cost of living in Australia is not very high compared to European countries and the United States.

If you wish to continue your studies in Australia, you can apply for an AAS (Australia Awards Scholarship) scholarship. Indonesians are the main priority of this scholarship.

United States of America
The second country most interested in Indonesian students who want to study abroad is the country of Uncle Sam, also known as the United States. Why Indonesian students are interested in America because this country often opens scholarships for students who want to continue their studies there. The Fullbright Scholarship, which is always open every year, is one of the most widely held scholarships.

With regard to the quality of education, the United States has no doubt. In this country you can choose from many prestigious campuses, such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, etc. Most Indonesian students choose to study in America to specialize in education, business administration or management. But there are also various study programs and other study programs that you can choose if you want to continue your studies in America.

United Kingdom
England is one of the destination countries for 2,000 Indonesian students every year. The high quality of education makes student researchers who choose Great Britain as a destination country.

One of the most popular scholarships in the UK is Chevening, which is fully funded. Unfortunately, this scholarship quota is not very important, which is 30 to 50 scholars a year. If you are interested in this scholarship, get ready now, yes!

Germany is a European country that is a destination for students who want to continue studying abroad. If you want to continue your scientific and technological studies, Germany is the ideal country to study both fields.

Scholarships that you can register if you want to study in Germany are DAAD scholarships given to countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. This DAAD grant includes tuition, living expenses, health insurance and other benefits. How to do

The country known as the Windmill Country is also one of the destinations for Indonesian students who want to continue their studies abroad, as you know. Every year, the Netherlands welcomes 5,000 Indonesian students. In addition, the country often organizes scholarship programs and student exchanges for Indonesian students who wish to study there.

The scholarship that you can take if you want to study in Germany is the NFP (Netherland Fellowship Program) which includes everything. In addition, there is also the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, which is very popular with scholarship hunters in the land of windmills. Dare to try? Source : bit.ly/2jWfd9r

How, after reading this article, is there a country where you want to continue studying abroad?