Design & Simple Minimalist bathroom Model

The comfortable house certainly makes the occupants feel at home in them. Comfort can be obtained one of them is to have a good spatial layout or interior design, both in terms of furniture arrangement, room model, interior color selection, and others. The interior part that is also worth noting is the bathroom. Having an attractive bathroom model certainly makes us feel comfortable while doing clean self-activity and others.

Minimalist bathroom design by siteĀ

  • Bathroom with ceramic wall texture soft stripes

The bathroom looks simple and elegant with the selection of the interior material is rather dark gray and brown.

Black ceramics with the texture of soft stripes lining the walls so it looks elegant.

The other side of the wall is smooth ash while the floor is light brown.

This bathroom looks beautiful with simple and bright colored furniture such as white flower vase and white toilet.

  • Bathroom with Milo’s color domination

Neutral colors are still a champion in a minimalist home design, including an interior part of the bathroom.

The minimalist bathroom is dominated by Milo colors ranging from the floor to the walls. There are two small white wardrobes sticking to the wall so it looks neat. The Shower is inside a small room bordered by institution glass.

  • Wooden bathroom with wall and floor

You can design a bathroom with stylish wooden walls.

The floor also uses wood in a matching color.

While the other wall still choose the color black.

The window of the drag-folding model looks unique, the outside atmosphere is behind transparent glass.

  • Bathroom with floor and roof of wood Sertatransparent Window.
    The bathroom is located on the 1st floor.

Part of the floor and the upper part is made of wood with brown Elgan color.

Large windows of transparent glass make the maximum natural lighting. The walls choose a black ceramic and a natural stone with a matching.

This luxurious bathroom has simple furniture.

  • Minimalist bathroom with white wall and dark floor
    The bathroom has a wall coated with white tile and black tiles, visible in contrast but precisely gives the impression of elegant minimalist.

Location of the toilet sits beside the shower with transparent glass barrier.

There is a small desk and a small closet topped with a mini-sink.

Place to put towels are on the wall near the table. Good right?

  • Bathroom with grey natural stone walls

Simple small minimalist bathroom
The bathroom looks beautiful with a natural stone wall view on the grey side of the bathtub.

The floors are black wood and there is a feather carpet, The washbasin, and a small closet underneath also look elegant. You can also put ornamental plants to impress fresh.