Nail Art and Decoration

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Nail art designs  – If you are looking for a new style that enliven your nails, nail art and decoration are your answer. The great thing about wearing nail art is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a professional do the process – there are some techniques that are quite easy for you to do at home. You need to practice to perfect your technique, but if you keep trying, you will immediately create unique and beautiful nail designs.

Nail Art and Decoration

The art of painting patterns and designs on your nails creates a visually and strangely interesting effect. Using a very fine brush, draw a line on your nail from the design that is in your mind. If you don’t have a thin brush, you can get the same results with a toothpick or with a nail pen. After your outline is finished, you must fill it with color, using a brush that is slightly thicker. If you use different nail polish colors, then you have to wait for one color to dry before adding another.

Making flower artwork on your nails is quite easy to do and looks beautiful after it’s finished. For this type of nail art, you must use a soft brush with a square end. The goal is to use one brush angle for darker colors and the other for lighter colors. If necessary, practice your design on paper before working on your nails. When you are ready, use a brush to make floral designs such as roses or tulips. Make Z-shaped marks on your nails to form leaves.

Combining and rotating nail colors also creates a beautiful effect. Choose the color of nail polish that you like, then apply the color as a point on your nails. Then, take a toothpick and drop another dot of color to the first point on your nail. Take another toothpick and stir the color. Then use a striper brush and spread the stirred color over your nails.

Wearing jewelry or stickers on nails is also a pleasant practice. You can buy finished jewelry and stickers from any nail art supply store. The best way to apply this decoration is to use tweezers to put it on your nails. Once the jewelry or sticker is in the right place, press it gently and let your nails dry. To finish, apply a layer of clear nail polish to cover in the decoration. For Other Information you can Read