Kampung Inggris – Places and Foods For Perfect Holidays

Kampung Inggris is more than just a place to learn English, to find many English courses, and to spend your time forcing yourself so you can learn more about English. In fact, Pare as the small city where you can find this Kampong offers you many interesting spots. Therefore, your learning time there will be so much relaxing. It is because you can visit some best places and try some tasteful foods.

Explore Kampung Inggris By Renting and Riding A Bike

To explore the place, you can rent a bike. This is the main vehicle and you can choose any type of bikes as you want. There are various types of bikes available. About the cost, it is about 70,000 to 150,000 IDR, depends on the type of bikes you choose.

Best Places To Visit In Kampung Inggris

In Kampung Inggris, there are many places to visit to complete your holidays. So, if you have more time in Pare after finishing your English courses, you can visit some interesting places. It is amazing that you can travel in some interesting spots during your breaks so you can refresh your mind.

You do not have to go to France to find Arc de Triomphe. Here, in Pare, you can find our version. Additionally, you can visit the Simpang Lima Gumul monument, Kediri. It is the popular icon in Kediri. The distance is about 12km from Pare or about 5km from Kediri city. Also, the structure of the building is a little bit similar to Arc de Triomphe in France. Surely, it will remind you of the real Arc de Triomphe in France.

Besides, this place is quite a crowd, especially during weekends. Therefore, if you want to get some cool photos, it is better to avoid weekends. What about hiking? Do you love to hike? If so, you should challenge yourself and try to hike to Kelud Mountain. This mountain is one of the most active mountains in Java Island. The mountain had 3 biggest explosions since 1990. But, you should not worry about it because the mountain is quite friendly for hikers. Even you can ride a motorcycle if you take the track.

What is more in Kediri, especially near Kampung Inggris is that you can visit the beach. You need to head to the south and you will find Kedung Tumpang beach that is more popular these days on Instagram. You can enjoy the spectacular views, and find the small lagoons to swim.

Best Foods Near Kampung Inggris

1. Warung Singgahan

Do you love to eat Ayam Geprek? Well, this is delicious with the affordable price. The food package is about 10,000 IDR. The place is wide so you can bring your groups to eat there.

2. Warung Bakoel

If you love to eat spicy foods, this place is great to visit. There are various menus like chickens, fishes, vegetables, and spicy sausages. The location is at Brawijaya Roads and Lantana Roads.

3. Soto Daging Lumayan Pak No

You can try this menu. The location is at PB. Sudirman road ( in front of Polres Pare ) and it is one of the most delicious Soto in Pare. Enjoy the delicious taste and you can pay only for 12,000 IDR to enjoy a portion of Soto. visit: https://goo.gl/maps/Fpz7cXWgFMcSYpL96

So, those are the best places and foods you should have when you are visiting Kampung Inggris LC.