Contacting Customer Service Indosat without Calling

If you think that contacting the customer service Indosat can only be done through calling the specific number, you are wrong. As one of the biggest cellular provider in Indonesia, Indosat gives you a lot of options that you can get related with the services that they give to the customers, including the contact options to reach the customer service. For your information, there are two other means that you can try if you want to contact the customer service without having to call the specific number from your phone.

The first one is using the fax. This one is considerably easy to be done. You just need to write anything that you want on a sheet of paper and you can simply fax that letter to Indosat. For the number, you can easily send the fax to +6221 5449501-06. That is the fax number that you need to send the fax into. The next one is email. This one is a bit similar with the fax system. You just need to email your thing to Indosat and send the email to [email protected] After you send the email, you just need to wait for the reply of the email that you have sent.

For your information, that was released on those two means above can be considered as something a little bit slow. That means you might not be able to get the immediate response from the customer services related with the problems that you deliver to them. However, those means above can also be considered as something nice because you can write as many things as possible. As an addition to that, you can also give them all of the information that you know so that your problems can be solved without asking too many questions about that later on. Just wait for the reply.