The Awesome Knowing Brothers Episode: Psy (Episode 75)

It is so much recommended for you to watch Knowing Brothers especially if you are looking for the best entertainment on the weekend. Based on that give the information, this popular variety show, which was aired for the first time in 2015 on JTBC, has stolen the attention of the South Korean people greatly. It is all because of the excellent and notable humor and comedy shown by the members. All of them will always make the knowing brothers episode fascinating and interesting at once.

Luckily, there was a knowing brothers episode that you better watch again every time you have the chance, which is episode 75 when Psy became the guest of the show. This remarkable episode made the show reach the highest rate that it had ever achieved all this time. Furthermore, it could even more amusing when Kim Hee Chul showed his talent of copying the dance of New Face which is one of the popular track of the phenomenal singer. Even better, you could find this show became so much super funnier when the members of the show tried to tease the singer, so that he would show his armpits to the camera. Then, this kind of moment really made everyone in the studio burst because of the laughter especially when you notice that he confidently showed his armpits that were full of sweat.

Besides, this particular knowing awesome knowing brothers episode was also featured by an interesting girl group, Momoland. They made a short appearance to support the performance of Kim Young Chul nicely. However, it was definitely quite impressive attractive thing that you cannot miss when you are watching this episode. For more episodes just visit that concern to give news from korean entertainment to us.