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Many prizes will exchange hands when there is a wedding! Whether you are a bride, a member of a bridal party, or just a guest, you can expect to give at least one or two prizes after the engagement is announced. Complete everything with a complete guide to giving this wedding gift.

wedding gifts

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Give: Wedding gifts for brides. Bridesmaids are also likely to be invited to bridal showers, which means they will also give bathing gifts. Male grooms usually don’t give gifts to the groom other than their wedding gift to the couple, even though they might take him into town for a bachelor party.

Get: It is customary for brides to give bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts to their servants. Bridesmaid jewelry is the most traditional gift for women, and carved silver items such as cufflinks or folding knives are the main gifts for men. The bridal party will also receive wedding assistance at the reception.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers: Give: None. Surely nobody expects a wedding gift from a child? If the flower girl is invited to the bridal bathroom, she can sign her name on her mother’s gift card for the bride.

Get: Flower girl and ring bearer must be given a small gift award by the bride. Flower girl jewelry is a favorite gift for little girls. Flower girl jewelry can coordinate with bridesmaid jewelry gifts, or be something completely different. Ring bearers must also receive gifts, such as small silver piggy banks.

Bride: Give: Gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers. The couple might decide to give each other a wedding gift, although sometimes they decide that the wedding ring is enough. It is also good for the bride to give gifts to their parents, as a tribute to holding their wedding, and only to help raise them. Gifts for wedding vendors such as owners or caterers for bridal salons are optional, but note that the person is completely out of hand to make the wedding a great success. The bride must also give a small gift of thanks to the host of all parties in her honor, including the bridal shower. And don’t forget wedding favors for all guests!
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Get: Lots! Wedding gifts from guests and their parents, bridal shower gifts, and maybe gifts to each other. It should be noted that it is not expected that guests will give an engagement party gift to a happy couple.

Wedding Guests: Give: Wedding gifts for happy couples. If invited to the bridal bathroom, there will also be a shower gift (if a bath is attended).

Get: Wedding assistance. And have a good time at the wedding!

Parents of the Bride: Giving: In many cases, marriage itself is a gift from one or both families. It is also a habit for parents to give their children a separate wedding gift. This can range from home to honeymoon to beautiful photo frames that are engraved with the wedding date, depending on how much money you have left after paying the wedding expenses.

Get: Brides will often decide to give gifts to their parents, usually on wedding weekends. Popular gifts include wedding jewelry for mothers, gift certificates for great restaurants, or a bottle of wine with a touching note.