Break the IELTS General Tests: Writing and Listening

IELTS General – Do you need to learn and practice your IELTS material tests? There are reading, listening and writing a test that should be completed on the same day, without break between the sessions. The speaking test itself will take in the next day. There are many sources you can get for ielts material test to learn and practice such as in online and you can practice and improve your score.

IELTS General – Doing your Writing Task

There are 2 writing tasks in the test. For the ielts writing task 1, you will need to write 125 words in 20 minutes to describe visual information such as a table/diagram/chart and write the presentation with your own words description. In this task, you might need to describing or explaining data, describing the process, how something’s working, or writing about object and event.
When you write an essay for IELTS writing task 2, you should present the written essay with the argument, the point of view or problem. You will give 40 minutes for writing an essay at least 250 words.
IELTS writing test task considered 2 tasks. In the IELTS writing tasks, the marking considers as task responses (25%), coherence and cohesion (25%), vocabulary (25%), and grammar (25%). The most important thing when you doing the writing test is how you can demonstrate and clearly communicate in English. The key for success writing test task is known exactly the examiners want and give it. Ielts writing tasks 1 is worthy 1/3 score of total writing test marks. IELTS writing tasks 2 is taking 2/3 score of your total writing marks. The common types of essays in academic IELTS writing task 2 are discussions, solutions, opinion, direct questions, and advantage/disadvantage. The ielts general writing test has the same ways in scoring and written in same ways as academic, the difference is it sometimes easier and simpler than the academic.

Improve your IELTS listening tests score

Ielts listening is consists of 4 sections. The listening session is taken 40 minutes. Here, if you want to upgrades your listening score, follow these listening tips below.

  1. The recording text will be played once. There will no second time to hear. Therefore, before you take the test, you should practice completing the full listening test. You also might consider developing vocabulary skills.
  2. Learn to do multitasking. When doing a listening test, you need to do 3 works at the same time; read the questions, listen to the test and write down the answer. Practice this to know how effective ways you can do it.
  3. Write down the answer in answer sheet using a pencil.
  4. Guess the answer is you do not know the right one. Perhaps, you are lucky and get the right one. The score is calculated by the number where you get the correct answer.
  5. Ielts will add lots of information so you need to focus when listening. Do not try to understand everything you hear.
  6. Look out for the answer with the plural. IELTS know that there are many students difficulty with hearing plural “S”. So, the answer will give to test the listening ability certainly.
  7. If you miss an answer, just move to the next question. Do not waste time and lose a place to hear the recording.