HOW TO LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2019

And my screen is 180 p resolution but what actually happens is that the ratio of the game is not ideal so we could stretch that by holding shift down and stretching that down here as one possible fix if you’re ok with that so if for a specific game the window capture isn’t working for you in the game capture isn’t working for you then you can try with display capture once again display capture will capture everything that’s happening on screen so if you open up your game while it’s recording then that’s going to be captured not ideal for streaming since you may not want to show your desktop why are you doing that but but those are essentially your three options so let’s just give one more example here of adding in a video source

If you want to add in a webcam that is hooked up to your computer has been installed already all that jazz then you can right click and go to video capture device so video capture device here you should see your list of webcams show up so if you have multiple you can select from the drop-down list and choose whichever webcam you have there that’s just my laptop webcam and you can do things like configure the resolution if you see device default here you can go to custom and you can set up specific details so like if you want it to be 720p resolution you can just type that in as the custom resolution but you could also make it smaller if you want to as well note that you don’t have to make it low resolution another alternative would be to just you

The full resolution but then scale it down so once again if we click on the Border’s of our source we can make it a lot smaller in one corner and we could bring it back there now it’s possible to add in filters for both your audio and your video inside of OBS so imagine that I had a green screen behind me right here we could right click on our video capture device go to filters and then we’d be able to add in an effect filter here so for instance if you want to remove a green screen then I believe what you want here is chroma key so chroma key allows you to select a color generally green from your background and filter that out so I’m going to try to select