Jewelry Repair

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Jewelry Repair – One of the many ways to express yourself is to wear jewelry such as gold bracelets for woman: they are usually luxurious, elegant and provide a touch of comfort and sophistication. It shows our fashion sense, our talent for beauty and elegance. But jewelry suffers, like almost everything we have. Often, a stone is missing in our earrings, our bracelet is broken or stained. Fortunately, not everything is lost and jewelry can be repaired.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair is a profession in the same way as other technical professions and equipment and training are needed to do a good job. You may want to give this work to others – the cost is worth the peace of mind.

Here are some tips for returning your old jewelry:

  1. Precious metal jewelry is stained and easily folded. To remove fog, use a jewelry cleaner with a dye tray or spray bottle. Wear gloves to protect yourself from strong chemicals and to remove any odor produced by chemical reactions. Use a cleaning agent in a well-ventilated area. After rinsing the jewelry with warm water, dry it with a towel and then with a polishing cloth.
  2. To repair damaged clips, go to the jewelry shop or handicraft department and buy clothes, jump rings and fastening devices. This can also be purchased online at a jewelry repair kit.
  3. To flatten a piece of string, place the piece on the table and place a round or pencil pen on the surface until smooth.
  4. In order for the earrings to not be flexible, do not press too hard by placing them in your ear. You can try various styles of earrings, such as earrings.
  5. Welding of gold is used to repair broken chains. The handle or ring that holds the clip to the chain is also welded for better quality work. Welding requires not only equipment, but also a place for it and training to work with flames. Not recommended at home – trust professionals.
  6. Repairing jewelry not only requires welding equipment, but also polishes, hand tools, acid cookers, various hand tools and good bench settings. This requires professional help.
  7. Some equipment may be useful – you need one or two strong nails when holding jewelry, but tools such as chain noses (thin jewelry pliers) or other pliers may be useful. When repairs require a pinch binder, the jump ring (gold buckle) can be used to hold the pieces together. The clip opens and closes the loop. Open the jump ring by moving one side toward you and the other away from you. Rotate open then return in the same way to close.
  8. When repairing a broken chain, the difficulty lies in the fact that the chain is made of thin wires. The cable gets hot quickly when you try to melt the solder. Jewelry covers the warp with anti-flux like yellow or white and covers the chain with a cooler, such as a washing machine, razor or coin. Check the chain to find out how the link is installed. Check the seller’s work by making repairs. Remove broken links from broken ends of chains. Then cut the final link to reinstall the chain. Cut the link with a smooth saw, a small wire cutter or a cutting knife on the flexible shaft. Reinstall the chain, add solder, heat, clean and polish the chain. Don’t polish the polishing chain. Simply place the chain on the seat shaft and hold it firmly with your thumb and forefinger. With a bristle brush on its flexible shaft, polish the chain area between the thumb and finger at medium speed. Polish the chain little by little this way.