Top Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

And you go in here and you put stream key so you paste it in there and that’s kind of how you would yeah you wouldn’t end up kind of streaming it at the video and once you’re ready to go let’s see life on Facebook you go click here go life and it’s gonna whatever is being streamed from your what Blackmagic what presenter is gonna show up in here and then here in my studio as you can see I have my light so I have one light up here that I wish was actually an aperture light as i’ll probably get another one of those LS lights which i have appear with the softbox as you can see on this nice soft flex for it and that’s my fill light this is my key light Astro Awani Malaysia

The reason why I don’t like this one is just it’s it’s good it’s good quality of light but I wish I could have everything on a remote because I actually have a remote here and this remote will allow me basically by pressing the button I can turn on and after the light this is my key light here that’s kind of how it looks and it’s got a grid so it’s not spilling the light all over the studio but just kind of concentrating on me here’s my other light which is the aperture a light storm and it’s you know with the little softbox so again it’s my fill light and then here behind me I have on my ceiling I just mounted I have another aperture Ameren light and it’s great again because all of this all

The aperture lights can be controlled through this little remote and then here I have KMTV Bolton light and this one’s just used to kind of provide a hair light so when I’m sitting up here it’s just kind of shining at me from from behind whereas this one is used with a little diffuser here I’m using it just to basically shine this light here onto my background here so I have my background and anting sometimes I do live streaming’s from here so then I would actually use that as my key light and that’s it and the rest here I just have like some leds and an actual lamp and stuff because this is actually my couch that I use sometimes I’m just relaxing my studio I have a TV here and I can let’s say preview my work or just relax and play some video games so the reason why I kind of want to switch all the lights to be the aperture lights is because this way I can control all the lights were just is one remote and yeah it’s kind of cool I can have like I’m channel one I have my fill light so you can see I can turn it off turn it on I can also off example do my background light there turn now on I can adjust