Wedding Anniversary Symbols: Discover the Meaning Behind Your Anniversary

Wedding anniversary symbols have helped couples mark their birthdays for centuries. Every year symbolic material is associated with it. The more married you are, the more durable and valuable the material used to symbolize this birthday. This is clearly illustrated by comparing the symbols associated with the first five days with the last five years:

Year 1: Paper

Year 2: Cotton

Year 3: Leather

Year 4: Linen

Year 5 Wood

Year 50: Gold

Year 55: Emerald

Year 60: Diamond

Year 70: Platinum

Year 75: Diamond

At the same time, the main wedding anniversary symbols on cards and gifts at the card shop is those celebrating 25, 40 and 50 wedding years (each, silver, ruby ​​and gold). Like many other events, wedding anniversaries are increasingly being marketed in recent years, which means that the choice of gifts and cards is far greater and inspired by wedding anniversary symbols for a large number of people. birthday. Read also 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

One of the best reasons to learn about wedding anniversary symbols is to allow you to plan the appropriate birthday gift. Paper, for example, symbolizes the first wedding anniversary does not always mean stationery. This can be a book bought by your partner, a gift card for the spa he wants to try, or a ticket to a sporting event. Other “paper” wedding gifts can be tickets for romantic holidays for you and your partner!

Another way to include these symbols on your birthday is to use them as a theme for parties. Whether you choose a romantic dinner for two, a small dinner for your family or a close friend or a big date with everyone, a birthday symbol can inspire decorations, clothes, or even some parts of the menu. For example, if you have a buffet, instead of placing a card with the real name of each meal next to a serving tray, make a new name that matches your birthday. Cotton can encourage you to have a Hawaiian summer barbecue party where guests are encouraged to wear brightly colored beach cotton clothes instead of stylish sleepwear. Think about what will symbolize your next wedding anniversary and think of a fun way to capture it during the celebration of your wedding anniversary. However, don’t just use the symbols on the letter, think about how you can use this idea to make something special and make the next wedding anniversary an unforgettable memory!