Black Medium Oak Nightstand: the Mainstays Nightstand Medium Oak Finish

Are you into dark colored furniture or did you find the need to have one for your bedroom design? Either way, there is nothing wrong about going for this furniture here. It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to go with black medium oak nightstand. If there is one we can give as example, we would suggest you to consider the Mainstays Nightstand Medium Oak Finish. Let’s see some more about this here.
Rustic Finish to Offer Country Living Look
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We know that going for all-modern theme for bedroom forever would be boring. At some point, you will eventually want to get new look from one. If that is the case, escaping to country living wouldn’t be so bad. To do so, you might need to include this medium nightstand with oak finish. It might have been black, but the finish is quite rustic, giving the country touch you need for bedroom design idea. Home Furniture Decoration
Classic Nightstand Style with Formal Air
Upon your first look of this black medium oak nightstand, surely you should have been able to notice how classic it looks. It is completely square and boxy with no legs at the bottom. But, this black oak medium night table is designed to be quite high to give spacious storage from each of three drawers it offers. It merely has simple steel handles too. Still, it looks formal one with quite neat appearance. bedroom sets for sale
Layers of Cherry for More Unique Look
If you look at the furniture closely, you will notice that there are different layers of tone on it. Yes, this furniture we are talking about here is one with layers of cherry. These layers are actually revealed due to rustic finish that is heavily put on the surface of the nightstand. As a result, this black medium oak nightstand gets you unique look that can be neatly formal while rustic for country vibe.
Black medium oak nightstand can be one to use to escape to country living. One might look rustic, but can still have formal air for unique appearance.