The Key to Success in Doing IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task – if you have a plan to plan to continue studying abroad or you will work abroad. So, usually you are strongly advised to at least have an IELTS graduation certificate. In the series there is an IELTS Writing Task. Where for the beginning some people did think that this was a difficult test. But if you do good preparation and training, the score you get will also be the one you want. And here are some key successes for you to do IELTS well.

Try it as often as possible to read text in English
If all this time you feel lacking in understanding some English phrases, then from now on try to read the text in English, not only in magazines, but from newspapers, novels to literary works. Because in English it is the same as Indonesian which has the type and form of writing. And in IELTS Writing Task usually uses formal writing so you have to multiply read the text and understand the form of writing so that it is not wrong to write.

Try to read the instructions and questions properly
If you listen then usually the test is only answer two choices. But in writing the task you must consider and pay attention to the amount in the word which is the condition. And usually in task 1 and task 2 have a different number of words specified. Now if you don’t meet the minimum amount expected, then you will most likely lose a lot of value.

Continue to train yourself
During the exercise of writing formal writing in English you also have to learn in managing the time so that it matches the time given in the test. With this step, in addition to estimating time, you can also identify exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are in this regard. Well, if you have difficulty reading, then it’s good for you to have more time to learn to write and read.

Make a strategy
If you make a strategy in the right IELTS Writing task, then you can be more effective in using the time when you test. In writing, for example you have to focus on seeing what is the question so you can make a sequence of paragraphs to fill in the questions given. And because everyone has a different strategy, it’s good for you to know the best strategy for you.

Write like an expert
Because reading and writing two things that you really cannot separate. So it’s good for you to get used to reading a lot of writing with many topics. Now after that you can write sentences with new vocabulary that you find from reading. If you have done this then you can practice to start writing paragraphs and compile them properly. If that is the case then you can do the IELTS Writing task properly. Because you have practiced