Success Tips for the IELTS Writing Task Test

IELTS Writing Task – Writing is one of the sections in the IELTS test. For the IELTS test itself, the IELTS writing task is divided into two tasks, namely 1 and 2. In task 1, you are required to write reports based on graphs, charts or diagrams, while in task 2, you are asked to write essays based on the topics already provided. Here are some tips that can help you work on IELTS writing tasks 1 or 2, including:

Read the question carefully
Remember to always read questions carefully, underline important points. This will help you answer questions and prevent you from leaving the topic. For task 1 itself, you only need to connect the text with the data already in the chart or diagram. Actually, the topic that often appears on IELTS writing task 1 is comparing data or explaining diagrams.
As for task 2 itself, you are asked to write an argument. You simply confirm your answer and give a clear reason. If necessary, take an example relevant to the topic given.

Work on task 2 first
You can work on task 2 first. Because the value of task 2 is higher than task 1. Therefore, if you do it well, the value will also be better.

Make important points
After reading the question, avoid writing immediately. Make important points that will enter your writing. That way, you can write more smoothly.

Remember the word limit
Remember the word limit specified, don’t exceed the limit. For task 1, you are required to write 150 words, while task 2, you are required to write 250 words. But remember also not to lack the word limit, because the value will also be reduced. But what is better is the quality of writing not quantity. Make sure to avoid writing too long and convoluted.

Pay attention to the writing style
IELTS writing task requires you to write in a formal style. So don’t write with merging, like “isn” which should be “is not”.

Avoid repeating sentences or questions
Also avoid repeating sentences or questions. The reason this will also not be counted. After all, rewriting will also waste your time.

Pay attention to time
IELTS writing task has a predetermined time limit. So always pay attention to the time used. Actually for task 2 the time given is longer than the task 1. That way, you are recommended to work on task 2 first. In addition, writing points first will help you save time. The reason is, you already have an idea of ??what will be written. That way, working on the IELTS writing task will be smoother and faster.