Wedding Traditions

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Wedding Traditions – Your wedding day is getting closer. You begin to decide which traditions you want to include in your marriage. Have you ever wondered about the origin of some of the most common marriage traditions?

wedding tradition

Wedding dresses are one of the most prominent traditions. Often white to symbolize purity, tradition will be established by Queen Victoria, a source of extraordinary joy in the past that is not too far away. In fact, women traditionally wear bright and colorful dresses, which of course means your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. Bright blue (or inserting your own favorite color) communicates better in excitement and emotion than white. So while many women will choose white dresses simply because tradition is so rooted in our society, knowing that you have other choices and that is an older tradition.

To complete your perfect outfit, you definitely want a perfect veil. All women disagree on length or style – some prefer long veils, others prefer short ones, others like a simple look, while others want it to be decorated – but most agree that headscarves are almost as important as dresses. Traditionally, the bride wore her headscarf until the couple officially married at the end of the ceremony. This tradition originated from the belief that the veil offers protection against evil spirits, but even this is becoming increasingly uncommon today. Brides chose that their father let go of the veil before betraying him.

In ancient Rome, the bride’s kiss at the end of the ceremony served to “seal the agreement” as a legally binding contract between partners. Even the engagement is officially not official, unless it’s sealed with a kiss. Ok, so this is clear, you leave the tradition in tension, but its history, as in many other wedding traditions, is always interesting.

It is traditional for women to walk in the aisle to stand next to their fiance. Traditionally, a father brought his daughter to the altar. At present, some women ask their mothers to lead them into the hallway and give their mothers and fathers. If parents cannot walk with a woman on the island, she often has other family members or even close friends. The origin of this tradition is not established. We have lived in our research for centuries. This is one of the few traditions that I have not been able to find an established origin.

Most couples have a wedding ring. The man put the ring on her finger and he did the same thing with the ring. The agreement must be a symbol of eternal love. Circles should never be disturbed. Today, we often take a lot of time and think about choosing an alliance. Wedding bands have been around for a long time. They were first made of grass or flax. The diamond found on the ring sold around 1400.

Most people attend weddings where guests pour rice on newly married couples outside the church. This tradition has changed in many cases because many people believe that rice can harm birds and other small animals (can’t). Rice must reject the fertility of the couple. According to tradition to a certain extent, people have alternatives to being thrown out. For example, people can throw seeds for birds or make bubbles when newlyweds leave.

Many traditions of marriage continue at the wedding reception. Usually there is a couple’s first dance. Many girls also dance with their father for traditional dances between father and daughter. This has become a common practice in many marriages. Some traditions follow themselves 🙂

The tradition of the bride who throws flowers, strangely, seems to be born out of fear of breaking up. In England, centuries ago, guests were used to “share their joy” or maybe draw a little luck, pick up pieces from the bride’s clothes and even her clothes. That said, it became very serious so the wives began throwing bouquets to prevent guests from harassing him. Read also Beach Wedding Dress

Marriage will not be complete without cutting the wedding cake. In the past, oat cakes were broken on the bride’s head. That is to bring couples fertility and luck. Traditionally, wedding cakes are classified. A baker in the UK began to bake these cakes since the days of King Charles II, and marriage certainly did not have to be traditional. Traditions vary between cultures and even families. However, it is often fun to apply some wedding traditions. These traditions may not bring good luck, but they can be once again.