Moonlighter Hands On Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Battling your way through procedurally generated dungeons by night and running a shop by day this is moonlighter a game of two hearts in this hands-on gameplay series we’ll take a look at the core gameplay elements coming up this games all about managing your day effectively a bit like the ever-popular start you Valley although with the roll slightly reverse

There’s a little bit less depth to managing your store and your day-to-day goods and a bigger focus on dungeon raiding now certainly when you’re running your shop there are a lot of things to consider and we’ll jump into that and a bit more detail shortly but first let’s take a look at the dungeon portion of the game what I really like about combat is that battles are all about figuring out patterns from enemies these tend to start out quite simple you know an enemy can only shoot up left right down so coming at them from a diagonal angle is going to reap rewards later on you start to get all sorts of things going on you’ve got mobs flying around the screen and many different things attacking it once it does get more challenging the primary goal is basically to get as far as you can ideally you want to collect the best loot which you can then go back to your store and sell for a nice tidy profit you’re gonna have to keep going back

Find the same mobs over and over again a little bit like Monster Hunter and each time you play a dungeon its layout has changed now I noticed that it’s sort of semi randomized rather than fully randomized you’ll come across some of the same rooms again and again and they were clues to lead you down paths to get deeper into dungeon each dungeon has three different levels and it did take me quite a long time to get through that first dungeon there were five in total now one of the keys and very divisive mechanics in this game is bag management your items get these curses that basically destroy other items that are parallel to them or consume them straight back to store to free up a slot and if you die in a dungeon you basically lose all of your loot other than everything in your top row now this is divisive because it’s a bit of a pain and it becomes a sort of tedious time management thing I’m gonna get more into that my review which you can watch from the end screen as the next video now at first I had absolutely no idea what to do on the shop side of things basically you go and raid the dungeon get a load of loot comes back and you have a store with a bunch of slots you could put items on the table and set a price

Hope it sells but the game does give you a few tips but really it’s all about trial and error once you get the hang of it you can really start to figure out what prices you should be selling your goods at and start to make it into a really nice simulation style part of the game so that’s basically the rhythm of moonlighter by daily running your store by night you’ve got this sort of secret life rotating dungeons and getting loads of items that you can then go back and sell of course as you start to progress you need to create better items so you get involved with crafting and in order to do that you need to actually invest some of your hard earned loop back into the town where you’re from so that you can get blacksmiths and other types of people along to produce extra goods and to be honest it’s one of those games where it is quite tedious but it’s really really addictive so if you’re the kind of person that likes a sorting game maybe if you like the scare or star G valley then it’s probably one worth checking out now I’m going to just show you the first boss this bad boy is at the third level of the first dungeon it’s the first when you come across so if you don’t want to check this