Venom Movie Review & Film Summary (2018)

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Venom comes from the director of Zombieland Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock who becomes venom eventually when the alien symbiote bonds with him Spider-man has always been super important to me ever since I was a child I’ve always loved this character and venom has always been my favorite Spider-man villain and it was very crushing to me to see a kind of wishy-washy portrayal of him in spider-man 3 and he’s just never really gotten a good rap and this film especially had a very difficult time getting the theaters

So I’m a supporter of this and I was pulling for this even though I didn’t think the trailers looked any good I didn’t like this movie at all I think that it’s a massive misfire there are a lot of scenes throughout the film however that give you a hint at what this film could have been some of my favorite aspects of the film are the back and forth between Eddie Brock and venom the personality inside of him and the arguments they have seen Eddie Brock try to interact with people try to be a normal person while this voice is screaming inside of his head trying to calm this side of him down while also interacting in everyday life very entertaining that aspect of the movie I would love to see more of I would like to see quite a bit more of that personality struggle but you don’t really get that much of that it kind of reminded me of a vocalization of what we saw Otto Octavius deal with in spider-man 2 when he’s talking to the arms and they’re giving him ideas in his head we just don’t hear those ideas out loud now in venom

We get to see and hear venom interacting with Eddie Brock and it adds a lot of humor to the film and that’s about where it ends for me in regards to positives Tom Hardy’s good and the interaction between Eddie and venom the action scenes were a big letdown and that’s one of the things that I am most critical about when it comes to venom this film is that action scenes competent ones when you have Studios like Sony behind your project should not be that hard to accomplish and here they just feel workmanlike they feel like action scenes

We’ve seen a thousand times there’s nothing really to differentiate it from other action scenes except for the fact that there’s venom in the middle of it and he doesn’t really do anything unique and a major major issue here is that we have a pg-13 rating and most fans including myself were really pushing for an R rating I mean we live in a world now where Deadpool 1 and 2 and Logan were extremely successful there’s no reason this film should be pg-13 but the rumor is is that Sony was hoping that in the future they could tie it into other Marvel movies and spider-man movies are usually not rated R

So we have to create a universe that feels like it’s cohesive which to me is bullshit it’s a financial reason for making a product that isn’t as good as it could be and that’s what this film feels like to be a product and those action scenes with venom almost exclusively take place at night now look at venom what color is the black put him against the night sky you really can’t tell what the hell’s going on and most of the action scenes feel like that a big colossal CGI blur Riz Ahmed is Carlton Drake I found very miscast he’s a gifted actor he was amazing in Nightcrawler but here as this very angry intimidating businessman who’s very into science and really wants to create something new apparently for the good of humanity

Well he’s also just this really cold person who does not care if someone dies and likes to use homeless people to experiment on he just didn’t really sell that but this leads me really to my biggest problem with the film the villain could be considerably better if the script gave him better things to say and do because this is a very jumbled screenplay that goes many different places the tones don’t always work it goes from being a very funny film to almost a horror film that feels like body horror kind of David Cronenberg esque but it’s so glossy and Hollywood iced and CGI heavy it really the best way I can describe it is if you just look at the amazing spider-man 1 & 2 it feels like it fits in in that universe all these blue laboratories and it just doesn’t look real it looks fabricated and that script does this movie no favors it feels like scenes

Were filmed and then rewritten and filmed again but then they don’t match up with things that have already been said the film feels like it came off of a conveyor belt and for some people that might be exactly what you want you might really want a scene where venom grabs a goon and eats him but they cut away from all of that and you just see someone’s reaction to it if that’s the type of movie you want to see then go ahead and enjoy venom but as someone who expects a lot more out of people who have the rights to this character this was just massively disappointing for me but Michelle Williams – a fantastic actress has such a thankless role with hardly any screen time she had more screen time in Halloween h2o I’m gonna give venom a c-minus also Sony you have got to stop putting things in trailers that are very important to the film just stop if you’ve seen the trailer for this movie just like the amazing spider-man 2 you have seen very specific parts of the film that are meant to be important you can go into the movie see the tension of something set up and you’re thinking in your head I’ve seen

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